Freediving Keynote

In a sport that traces its roots back to ancient times, the world-class freediver is a unique individual who pushes the absolute edge of human limits. Complete fearlessness and the ability to stay calm under severe pressure are crucial attributes. In this sport there is little hope for the athlete that loses his nerve at the critical moment.

Free swimming to depths that few humans can ever descend to,the freediver asks extreme questions of his body and his psyche. Overpowering the body's natural urge for oxygen requires a level of strength, stamina, determination and commitment few individuals can ever hope to attain.

Ant is one of the best freedivers in the world. That means hes pushed through both physical and mental barriers to hold his breath for over 8 minutes, to dive deeper than 280ft in the ocean and to swim 223m without stopping for a breath. In short he knows how to overcome some of the most demanding and uncomfortable challenges a person can face.

With passion and intelligence, Ant speaks about redefining your limits and removing the barriers that stand in the way of success. Clients often use ant to inspire their leadership teams and for his viewpoint to achievement, drive and innovation. He's an authentic presenter who offers a blend of entertainment and interaction with a powerful message.

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