Workshop Feedback 2011

Comments from the 2011 Leadership Development Programmes

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Brilliant anecdotes and stories to illustrate the material. Totally 100% engaging.

Awesome course – very confronting but useful lessons that are possible to execute at work and the “know how” on how to do so.

The program was really informative, challenging and somewhat confronting.

Thoroughly enjoyed having Ant as our facilitator. Good examples on all modules and outcomes. Good opportunities given to us to explore and go beyond our comfort zones.

An amazing experience – great development and opportunity for growth.

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I have been on our previous leadership summit and felt that I have learnt far more on this program than before. I feel that each module was covered in such a manner that you can take the teachings and apply it to your life/job.

Thank you Anthony for inspiring us to “own it,” to be true leaders. You have opened up our eyes to what our potential really is.

Ant, you have changed my life. Thank you.

I feel very inspired and motivated to implement these changes in my working environment. I have enjoyed the challenges and learnt so much about myself.

I am so thankful that I had this opportunity. It was so empowering.

The best leadership course to date. Stretched me beyond my current capabilities – go very deep on own reflections. Thank you!

This program was amazing. Anthony you as the facilitator got the message through to us. I feel extremely motivated. The style of teaching was so different, the interaction was amazing.

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A brilliant and engaged facilitator.

The facilitator was powerful and impactful. He filled the four days with heart-warming examples that helped put the teachings into perspective. Thank you.