Keynote Endorsements

Fitness First, Annual OZMO Conference 2013

Truly inspirational. The Global CEO and Executive Team referenced your presentation through every part of the final session today. Thank you once again for sharing your amazing story.


The highlight of the [senior leader] Residential was Ant Williams & Ben Roberts-Smith. Both were absolutely great keynote speakers.

I'm still on a 'post-residential high' - People have said today how calm and serene I seem - must be the breathing techniques!!

I learnt from Ant to control the mind chatter, you can push yourself further than you think.

Commonwealth Bank

Thanks so much for speaking. It was a real eye-opener in to the sport and coaching principles. The team found you to be a highly energetic and engaging speaker, with a very interesting story. Thanks for making clear links to teamwork and how we can take innovation further.


Ant was fantastic and our customers loved him. His passion for diving really shines through and his ability to relate the key skills from his sporting success to our customers was really great. The interactive nature of the presentation was also a big hit with everybody. We would definitely recommend Ant!!


Your address to the Harcourts Conference gave me a huge amount of inspiration and also showed me some new techniques I can use in my singing to TANK up so to speak. You are truly an inspiring person who deserves to be the very best at your chosen sport. Your energy and drive for perfection and also your obvious pleasure at telling others about your life is a special trait and will I am sure lead to your continued success. Thanks once again.

Inland Revenue Department

We were inspired by Ant's presentation in terms of his dedication and desire to push through T-1 to reach his goals. T -1 was certainly a topic of conversation on the lips of many of our team leaders for the rest of our conference - the challenge now is also to just push through the temporary discomfort to reach the pleasures we know are on the other side!

NZ Home Loans

We have received extremely positive feedback with regards to the messages communicated and the lessons learnt and we are certain this will be reflected in sales this coming year. Thanks once again for the enormous contribution you made to the success of our conference


Ant was an inspiration for our sales team who were very impressed with the interactive elements of his presentation and learnt a lot about how elite athletes motivate themselves to compete. Again Ant related this easily back to the environment that the sales team are in everyday. I would use Ant again for any future Sales Conferences we have at adidas


Thanks again! It was awesome to meet you and the team loved it!